October 4, 2016

For Employers

My Success Platform offers customized leadership training solutions for employers of all sizes, included small to medium-sized organizations.

Internship and Post-Grad leadership training

Differentiate your company in the employment marketplace by providing soft-skill and leadership training that is usually reserved for executives!

Tackling the unique challenges of today's millennial job market...

These are just a few of the challenges employers can be expected to face in today’s millennial hiring market:

  • Experience: How do you hire for experience when 35%* of the workforce is between the ages of 18-34?

  • Leadership Training: Assuming experience isn’t your biggest hiring challenge, what about hiring for basic leadership and other workplace skills such as communication, time management, conflict resolution, or emotional intelligence?

    • Most colleges provide little (or no) training in these skills.

    • Most employers only provide leadership training for executive-level employees.

  • Employee Fit: Let’s assume you find and hire the employees you need. You likely did everything you can to hire the right employee for the right job, right? But, what if the employee hasn’t figured out what his/her “calling” is yet? How likely are you to be able to truly engage and retain that employee?

So, where does this leave you as an employer? We have taken our years of experience in corporate leadership training and turned our sights to the workforce’s most impactful generation. Millennials who experience My Success Platform learn the same in-depth leadership and soft-skill training that is usually only reserved for executives.

Take your Internship and Post-Graduate Hiring program to the next level!

Those companies that make the list of having the best internship or post-graduate hiring programs are those that:

  • provide the widest-ranging experiences (for example, rotational programs)

  • focus on leadership development, not just technical skills

If you partner with us, we will customize an implementation of My Success Platform that works for your internship or post-grad hiring program. Whether you want a one day, three day, or weekly program, or even a few quick "lunch and learns," we will listen to your needs and design a solution that works for you. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits to your company...

Why invest time and resources into teaching leadership skills to your interns or post-grads? It's a fair question! They are NOT your leaders. This may be true - however they may be the FUTURE leaders of your company. Isn't that ultimately why you have a internship or post-grad hiring program in the first place? Yes, you need people to do work right now, but you also need to fill the pipeline of future leaders for your company, right?

At My Success Platform, we believe:

  • leadership skills are not just about leading others, but they are also about managing yourself and leading processes and projects effectively

  • leadership skills should exist at ALL levels of your organization - not just the executives

  • if you only provide leadership training to your leaders, you may end up with no leaders at all

We developed the My Success Platform training specifically to:

  • apply to employees at ALL levels of an organization

  • cover a wide variety of topics that participants will find both engaging and immediately applicable to their every day work lives

  • be priced well within reach of small to mid-sized businesses

Imagine your interns and post-grads gaining leadership and business effectiveness skills that they can use in their every day interactions in the workplace. Your teams will be more effective, and you will be developing the future leaders of your company. AND, by providing opportunities for learning and growth, you are raising your interns' and post-grads' level of engagement and motivation in the mission and success of your company, while simultaneously raising their skills and performance effectiveness! Everybody wins!


Outplacement resume and career coaching, job search strategies, interview skills training, and leadership training.

Outplacement services are not just for large companies that are downsizing. Smaller companies that need to separate employees for any reason can offer My Success Platform to outgoing employees as a way of ensuring a smooth transition. Helping employees move on can be much more affordable than you may think, and the benefits to your company cannot be over-estimated. Contact us to find out more!

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