January 31, 2017

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Our experts in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition have looked at thousands of resumes (over 52K in the last 12 months!!). We know what works and what will get your resume tossed in the (virtual) recycling bin. We will help you build or re-build your resume with the goal of getting it noticed on job boards, read by recruiters, and increase your chances of getting that interview!

My Success Platform uses a unique process to help you build a resume that truly reflects – and clearly articulates – your experiences, goals, and unique abilities. Through assessments that provide deep insight into who you are and what you bring to the table, we will help you build a resume that tells potential employers WHO you are and WHY they should hire you!



Once you sign up, you will be assigned a personal MSP Success Coach, who will be in touch to get the process going. Here is our simple 3-step process to building you the BEST resume that tells the MOST COMPELLING story about you!

  1. The MSP Rock*It Resume Discovery: a 1/2 hour phone call to discuss your career aspirations and job search goals. You will also be assigned your very brief assessments to complete online.

  2. The MSP Rock*It Resume Revolution: after the assessments, we will have another phone call with you to provide interpretation of the assessments, and discuss how we will use the information in taking your resume to the next level.

  3. The MSP Rock*It Resume Evolution: you and your Success Coach will work together to make your resume the best it can be. After the initial work-up by your coach, you will have the ability to utilize your coach for unlimited editing reviews for one month!

Don’t let your resume ruin your shot at getting your foot in the door!

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The MSP Cover Letter Liftoff


If there’s anything worse than creating a resume, it’s then having to write a letter on top of that! Not only that, you’re supposed to make it different for each job???

Yeah, we know. That’s why My Success Platform is here to help. Your Success Coach will help you craft a cover letter that recruiters will actually want to read, and will give you the edge you need over the competition!

The MSP Social Media Session


Do you change your name on Facebook to hide those embarrassing college pictures from hiring managers? Did you create your LinkedIn page back in the early 2000s and then never go back (we know you’re out there!). Whether you like it or not – and despite the complex legalities associated with it – hiring managers will seek out your social media, and they will find you if they are determined to do so (even if your profile name is UWON’T FINDME).

Whether you’re an ace with social media tools or you have fallen behind and would like help creating and refining your presence online, we can help! From reviewing your profiles on various platforms, providing suggestions for improvement, and showing you how to make sure your settings are optimized for the least embarrassment and most professional presence.

These things matter, regardless of your age or industry. Don’t let your (or lack of) online presence hold your career back! Contact us for help!

The MSP Pre-Interview Prep


How do you prepare for interviews? Do you prepare at all?

From the right research methods, the right questions YOU should ask the interviewer, how best to handle the trick questions, and even the logistics (how early do you show up? what do you wear?), we can help you with all of it. If you are up for it, we’ll even role-play mock interviews so you can feel free to make mistakes in a judgement-free zone!

Whether you’ve never been on an interview, you haven’t done it a long time, or you’ve done it more times than you can count without results, let us help you by working one-on-one with you to help you prepare to ace your next interview!

The MSP Search Strategist


Does your job search feel like playing darts while blindfolded and holding drinks in BOTH hands? Is your strategy more or less no strategy? Or, are you “planful” in your approach: you have a strategy, but it’s not getting you anywhere?

Let My Success Platform help you put together a clear and effective strategy for finding that next job! Better yet, let us help you start – or continue in – your CAREER, rather than just finding another job that you maybe, kinda, sorta think you want.

We’ll cover such topics as:

  • the best job boards to use (for you and your specific needs)

  • how to determine if you should apply to a job

  • how to read between the lines of job descriptions to understand what they are really asking for

  • application follow-up strategies (when and if you should follow up)

The MSP Networking Navigator


Yeah, we know…the very word makes you groan. “Networking” is usually said in the same tone as (or right alongside) some choice four-letter words.

At worst: networking can be scary, awkward, even debilitating to some. Not to mention a waste of time.
At best: networking is the most important tool that few people leverage to propel themselves forward in their careers – and their lives!

Why is networking so important? Because, without getting in front of actual people:

  • job seekers are simply another resume in a very tall pile of paper

  • employees can miss crucial opportunities to move forward at their companies

We teach strategies for effective networking that don’t waste your time, and we also help you become more comfortable with the entire concept of networking through planning and strategy.

Keep an eye out for MSP Networking Navigator events. We gather business owners and executives as well as job seekers and students to learn networking techniques while actually networking.

The MSP Concierge Career Launcher


The MSP Career LauncherTM is the My Success Platform workshop experience, but on your own time and with guided, personal one-on-one advice and attention from our career experts. Instead of a group session, you will have direct access to our Career Coaches so your experience is all about you! We utilize a combination of assessments that are proven to accurately measure a wide range of unique abilities, natural talents, instincts for action, and personality traits that are proven to help people succeed both personally and professionally.

Our experts, who are certified in interpreting the results, will work with you throughout the process, including helping you to create a personalized MSP Success PlanTM in which we will devise strategies for applying strengths, identifying a focus and direction for a future career path, and addressing opportunities for development in leadership skills.


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